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At Titan Flight, we aim to develop the best mobile games that allow all gamers to truly win. To make this happen, we make sure that the games we are developing ahs an intuitive and dynamic system that allows players to monetize their time in a way that they seem most fit to their play style. Up until now, if a player is trying to monetize themselves even a little bit, they must be a top player for that specific game. This cuts out much of the gaming community. We allow everyone from the pro player all the way to the casual gamer to monetize their efforts.

This is the key to keeping a high retention rate throughout our games and what allows us to stick out from our competition.


Producing great games is not enough in today’s crowded marketplace. To stand out, we let our marketing team unleash unprecedented tactics to draw in the user base. Combining a data-driven analytical approach we can constantly test and analyze the performance of new concepts we are making and old concepts we have tried. This helps us get a deep understanding about our users and what they prefer sow e can tailor an unbeatable experience to them.

Our marketing team is agile and ready to execute at the drop of a hat. They have full autonomy of the decisions being made which allows them to avoid internal bureaucracy and make things happen.

Customer Experience

Titan Flight makes sure that we are providing an “open door” policy with all our users. To do that, we make ourselves very active across all our social medias and chat platforms, so our users are guaranteed fast response times.

User feedback plays a massive role in improving our products. We are eager to hear from you. We are constantly evolving the way we reach our community and make our gamers feel like one of us. Our team is always working closely with all departments of the company to inform and update about our current users’ perspectives. If there is any issue, our goal is to get it addressed within the same day of being notified of the issue.

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